The Power of Hybrid & Co-Independent Sponsors: Unlocking Success Through Collaboration

[Published on June 15th 2023]

Independent sponsors have gained prominence in the private equity landscape, leveraging their expertise and networks to identify and execute lucrative investment opportunities. However, as the market evolves, a new breed of sponsors is emerging – the hybrid and co-independent sponsors. In this listicle, we explore how these collaborative models can maximize the likelihood of success and create value by harnessing the strengths of multiple partners.


  • Co-Sponsoring: Strength in Numbers

The concept of co-sponsoring involves independent sponsors joining forces to pursue investment opportunities collectively. By pooling their resources, expertise, and networks, co-sponsors can enhance deal sourcing, due diligence, and value creation capabilities. The diversity of skills and perspectives can lead to more comprehensive analyses, improved decision-making, and reduced risk.


  • Leveraging Complementary Skill Sets

One of the significant advantages of co-sponsoring is the ability to tap into complementary skill sets. Each independent sponsor brings their unique strengths and expertise to the table, whether it's industry knowledge, operational experience, or financial acumen. By capitalizing on these diverse skill sets, co-sponsors can tackle complex challenges more effectively, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and better outcomes.


  • Sharing the Burden: Mitigating Risk

Dealmaking involves inherent risks, and shouldering these risks alone can be daunting for independent sponsors. Co-sponsoring allows for the sharing of risks and responsibilities, providing a safety net for both parties. By dividing the due diligence workload, sharing legal and financial costs, and spreading the investment risk, co-sponsors can navigate uncertainties more confidently, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.


  • Control vs. Collaboration

While some capital providers may seek full control in a deal, it doesn't necessarily mean there's no room for the independent sponsor. Hybrid sponsor models with strong family/personal balance sheets or small funds can leverage their financial resources to secure a significant stake in the deal while collaborating with capital providers. This arrangement allows both parties to align their interests and harness the unique advantages each brings to the table, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.


  • Hybrid Sponsor Models: The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid sponsor models combine the strengths of independent sponsors with the ability to raise promoted co-investment to close deals. These sponsors have a strong family/personal balance sheet or a small fund that provides a solid foundation. However, to pursue larger investment opportunities, they seek additional capital from co-investors. The hybrid model allows them to leverage their existing resources while tapping into external funding to maximize deal size and potential returns.


  • Accessing New Deal Flow

Collaborating as hybrid or co-independent sponsors expands access to deal flow. Each sponsor brings their network, relationships, and proprietary deal sourcing capabilities to the table. By sharing these resources, sponsors can uncover a wider range of investment opportunities, enabling them to cherry-pick the most promising prospects and build a robust portfolio.


  • Fostering Long-Term Relationships

Successful co-sponsoring requires strong collaboration and trust between partners. Working together on deals builds a foundation for long-term relationships, opening doors to future joint ventures and co-investments. Through these partnerships, sponsors can create a virtuous cycle of shared knowledge, expanded networks, and a track record of successful collaborations, ultimately enhancing their reputation and standing in the industry.



Hybrid and co-independent sponsors are reshaping the private equity landscape by embracing collaboration and partnership. By combining their strengths, leveraging complementary skill sets, and sharing risks, these models maximize the likelihood of success and create value. As the industry continues to evolve, the power of collaboration is poised to unlock new opportunities for both sponsors and their co-investors, driving innovation and growth in the ever-changing world.

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